Telecom industry declares 75 paisa tax on mobile calls unworkable

People will cut off the phone call and call again before the five minutes are up, complications will increase, experts (photo: file)

Karachi: The telecom industry has declared the collection of 75 paisa tax on a five-minute call technically unworkable.

According to telecom industry experts, the decision to impose a tax on mobile call duration was taken ignoring the ground realities and technical aspects, failing to achieve the budget targets by imposing a tax, if the government does not withdraw the proposal. Consumers will have to end the chain of bundled telecom services, which will lead to a reduction rather than an increase in revenue for the government.

Telecom industry insiders say the move could create problems for 98% of prepaid customers who have access to bundle offers, and the introduction of the new tax will lead to the elimination of bundles provided by operators for the convenience of the public. Maybe, this tax can entice consumers to reconnect by cutting off the call before five minutes, which will save them extra tax and will not benefit the government.

Experts also say that the additional tax will only be a complication for telecom operators and a nuisance to the public, and that government tax targets will not be met.

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