Teen driver crashes car into President Lincoln’s house while rescuing squirrels – Express Urdu

In the United States, a girl rescued a squirrel and crashed her car into Abraham Lincoln’s historic home. Photo: Focus News

Massachusetts: In the United States, a clumsy teenage driver rescued a squirrel and crashed into a historic house built by US President Abraham Lincoln.

The house was built by Samuel Lincoln, a member of President Lincoln’s family in Hangam, Massachusetts. She came within limits and half of her car crashed into the house.

The incident took place a few days ago when the Audi Quixon car crashed into the house at lightning speed at 6.30 am. Fire brigade personnel came to the rescue and the road was opened a few hours later while the girl was slightly injured in the accident.

The girl said that as she was crossing the road, a squirrel came in front of the car and turned the car to save her. Everyone in the house was asleep in the upstairs room.

This historic house is home to seven generations of Abraham Lincoln, making it even more important, and was built in 1650 by Samuel Lincoln.

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