Russia claims warning fire and bombing of British ship in Black Sea – Express Urdu

Violation of British waters by British warship is provocative, Russian Foreign Ministry (Photo: Reuters)

Moscow: Russia claims to have fired warning shots at British warships and bombs in its path over violations of Black Sea waters۔

According to the foreign news agency, Russia has claimed to have fired warning shots and bombs at British warships for violating its territorial waters in the Black Sea, but Britain has denied the Russian claim that its wars The ship did not enter Russian waters and the Russian firing target was not a British ship but part of a pre-announced military exercise.

However, the UK has confirmed that its warship HMS Defender has sailed in Ukrainian waters in accordance with international law. A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said in a statement that Russia’s claim that the British plane had been hit by a warning shot was incorrect.

Russia’s foreign ministry says the British warship’s violation of Russian territorial waters is provocative, and the British ambassador to Moscow will be summoned to explain.
It should be noted that Russia acquired the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 and annexed it to Russian waters. However, European countries still consider the Crimean peninsula as part of Ukraine.

Military experts believe that these claims by Britain and Russia could further escalate the dispute over disputed maritime boundaries between the West and Russia in the region.

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