Large number of tourists turn to Murree – Express Urdu

Murree, which has a capacity of 3200 vehicles, has 38,000 vehicles

Rawalpindi: On the second day of Eid-ul-Adha, after the payment of Sunnah Ibrahimi, a large number of tourists turned to Murree. With a parking capacity of 3200 vehicles, 38,000 vehicles have entered Murree from different places.

Although there is a complete ban on the entry of tourists in Murree without the Corona Vaccine Certificate, more than 38,000 vehicles have entered Murree by 12 noon the next day.

Chief Traffic Officer, SSP Operation Rawalpindi Rai Mazhar himself reached Murree and monitored the traffic arrangements. Rai Mazhar Iqbal said that 340 traffic police personnel are performing their duties for the convenience of tourists. However, due to lack of parking, tourists are facing difficulties in parking.

Rai Mazhar Iqbal further said that tourists could face difficulties due to overcrowding, lack of parking and narrow roads. Ensure tourist line and lane restrictions due to two-way traffic. Avoid improper parking. Improper overtaking and haste while driving can be harmful.

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