‘DNA trap’ ready to infect virus – Express Urdu

DNA is used to make grips that can bind to viruses and kill diseases. Photo courtesy of Technical University of Munich

Munich: The disease virus has made our lives indigestible, the latest example being the corona virus. Now, experts have developed DNA traps to catch the virus, in which the virus gets trapped and goes inside and dies.

Experts from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have created traps using origami DNA folding and can be filled into nanocapsules. Proverbs can be trapped in many places in one grip.

This important research has been going on for years, and DNA programming has put them into blocks and plates. This creates a cavity inside them in which the virus spreads. This prevents the virus from spreading further. For this, the scientists created a shape with 20 rectangles called ‘Icosahedron’ in the language of geometry. DNA origami made a half-shell of 180 parts with a space in the middle where the virus settles. When the outer shell is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light and polyethylene glycol and oligolysin are added to it, the grip is protected from dissolving in the body.

In various experiments, viruses and human cells have been successfully linked. Hepatitis B and adenovirus (AAV) viruses were also seized within 24 hours. Viruses locked in DNA bars did not work, nor did their numbers increase.

Hendrik Diaz, a research scientist, said that because of its size, it could prevent the spread of the virus. There are five places in a chain that catch the virus. Thus, in many cases, 80% success has been achieved.

In the next phase, it will be tested on live animals such as rats, which will further clarify the importance of the DEN-based nanostructure. DNA clots can also be used to deliver medicine to the body and for gene therapy. In this way, it can also become a drug ride.

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